MEMORI – Measurement, Effect Assessment and Mitigation of pollutant Impact on movable cultural assets – Innovative research for market transfer

big_28850393_0_150-127MEMORI project objectives:
To provide the conservation market with innovative measurement technology, improved pollution effects knowledge and evaluation and control methods for the reduction of gaseous pollutant impact on movable cultural assets, – also facing increased use of  protection measures, such as enclosures for movable cultural assets located  indoors in new or rebuilt cultural heritage buildings, to satisfy demands for energy saving to mitigate climate change.

MEMORI dosimeter in market transfer

We thank you for your interest in the solution that was developed in the EU funded MEMORI project. The goal of the project was to link the best of available knowledge on the topic of impacts of air pollutants on movable cultural heritage objects with the latest in monitoring technologies to provide a complete solution. The project closed in October 2013, with a final presentation being held in Madrid. At the end of the project a scientific prototype proving our concept was demonstrated. A solution including the dosimeter, reader, web site and database has been made commercially available. Please see: http://memori.nilu.no/

If you would like to be kept informed about the progress of the ongoing work with the MEMORI technology you can also contact Dr. Terje Grøntoft, NILU- Norwegian Institute for Air Research (teg@nilu.no) .

MEMORI project documentation

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Kultur und Arbeit e.V.  was responsible for the market tranfer of the MEMORI tchnology and participated in dissemination activities.

29741052  Dieses Projekt wurde durch das 7. Forschungsrahmenprogramm der Europäischen Komission gefördert (MEMORI, Nr. 265132)

The research leading to these results receives funding from the European Community’s Seventh Framework-Programme under Grant Agreement No. 265132 (project MEMORI).

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